Your DJ from the Internet
What exactly is the meaning of “Online-DJ”?
Your Online-DJ really comes from the internet if you need this special topic. To be precise, doing the online edition, I work from the studio, which gives me more space and completely different options for organizing the evening for you.
What is your advantage?
– No outsider is present at closed events with a confidential character
– It is cheaper than a classic booking because of less expenditures
– A technical failure can be remedied much more easily in a few minutes using redundant equipment
– Exotic desired titles can be bought and used online within minutes
– Music requests can be sent directly to me via WhatsApp or Telegram
How does it work?
Music (and maybe moderation) comes with a streaming server that is not open to the public, only you alone have access to this server for the duration of the event.
What technology do you need for the transmission?
– A smartphone, a tablet PC or a commercially available computer (notebook recommended) with a headphone output
– A connection cable from the headphone output of the cell phone / PC to the amplifier system*
– An internet connection (W-LAN recommended, with sufficient data volume the internet connection of a mobile phone can also be used)**
*An amplifier system can be rented inexpensively from a local supplier. I would be happy to advise you and name a suitable and affordable provider.
**The music stream requires about 50-60 MB data volume per operating hour
You wanna to find out more? So I look forward to your call!